Sunday, May 16, 2010

Arrived in Massachusetts!

I have arrived on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, U.S.A. to spend some time with Emperor-Fool and her husband, FoolMan. The trip here from the other coast of America was uneventful, though I must say it was a pleasure to get out of the box and enjoy some fresh air. The Fools have two resident tigers, but they are both so elderly and slothful that pacifying them hardly tested my animal taming abilities.

Here are a few pictures:

What I have seen so far of Cape Cod is quite pretty. E-F took me for a wee walk to the beach near her house so I could look out over the Atlantic ocean once again. What I assumed to be the west coast of Scotland was looming plain as day across the water, but it turned out it was merely a local island called Martha’s Vineyard. E-F has promised to take me there on a ferry sometime soon, and also by ferry or airplane to another nearby island called Nantucket. This latter piece of news was quite exciting, since I am most interested in meeting a mysterious man from Nantucket; I’ve heard some rather extraordinary stories about him.

Tomorrow, E-F and I are off to the hilly western part of Massachusetts, where I am told there will be lovely scenery, ample hiking opportunities, and a chance to try yoga. I’m not sure about the latter, as I’m not the most limber of utensils. Still, I do like to try new things, so perhaps I shall enjoy it.

More later, friends…



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